The Pink Wall

Feb 16, 2016




Hey Luvs,

Last weekend I had a me day, and that included having a latte and pastries (yes I'm talking multiple) at a boheme spot in Long Beach, eating and thrifting in Little Tokyo, wrote some poetry at a cafe in Little Tokyo and headed to Melrose for the infamous Paul Smith Design wall otherwise known as "The Pink Wall". You aren't an official LA native if you haven't been nor heard about it (joking- lets be honest its a tourist attraction), very well known LA bloggers or aspiring have took at least one photo here.

I had the pleasure of "conversating" with the property security and he told me it doesn't even surprise him to see groups of people at all times of the day anymore. He said it's entertaining, and I agree. I managed to get a space because I was the first to arrive when I did; within 30 minutes 3 other groups arrived. Anyways I love colorful spunky settings and this wall will be the first among many to be apart of revamping my instagram (sigh). I am taking my city by the gutters.

Sincerely Fay,
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