Alexus Loses Her Easel || Long Beach Museum of Art

Mar 18, 2016

Hey Luvs!
Do you ever feel the need to get out of the house because you just need to be anywhere but there? Well, I have and I did! So during the week I just got to a point in my daily life where I was feeling really unfulfilled and not myself. I was bashing myself due to the lack of getting stuff done, and feeling like I wasn't moving forward the way I should.  

So I decided to get out of my cave and visit a museum and really just enjoy interacting with the things around me. During this experience I really learned what it meant to take time out for myself and experience things by myself. At the end of the visit I felt so at ease and more focused. 

Sometimes it helps to go out and have small adventures on your own. Become more focused and really just get in touch with yourself, discover new things about yourself.

Sincerely Fay,
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