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Apr 21, 2016


Ensemble ~

Top: forever21
Bottoms: forever21
Shoes: forever21

Hey Luvs,

Pairing a solid color tee with jeans is a classic - comfy on the go look. Plus, if you aren't too keen on crazy pattern and color it eases you into that realm of things. Slowly, you will learn what color compliment you the best and what types of shirts you rock better. As for shoes, pairing sneakers with an outfit like this will definitely hit those street vibes. Or pairing some amazing stand out shoes will give a casual look a more stylish air. It really depends on what you're going for and what makes you comfortable.

Its been a while since I've uploaded a style post and it was great shooting, being in front of the camera again. However, today's ensemble was as casual as it gets a tee, jeans, and point shoes. Recently, I've been into solid tops with casual bottoms- everything requiring minimal effort. Sadly, for the next three posts or so I plan on being a bit more stylish, so simple tee and jeans look will be absent for a quick minute. I want to try out some other styles and see if I can "casualize" them! I will tackle more edgier styles and get back to that edgy girl that I used to don lol. But definitely stay tuned because I am switching lanes and it'll be exciting!

- Sincerely Fay,

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