Jun 20, 2016

The top I am wearing is leather but has extremely delicate straps and V cuts in the font and back, what is great about this piece is its silhouette - it drapes over the body and maintains it shape rather than cling tightly to your form.

The pants I am wearing has velvet like fabric is thin and soft, so I am definitely getting air flow and because of the wide leg it's very "summery", if that's even a word!

Hi Luvs,
Socal weather has been extra funky recently, as I am typing this its like 100 degrees outside despite it being gray a few days ago!
Well summer is officially here and that means delicate straps and breathable flowy clothing is a must, especially if you live in a place like California.
But if you're like me and is a bit of a tomboy, I pieced together an outfit that is still feminine but practical and edgy. Plus you can be stylish and beat the summer heat.

Ensemble ~

Top : Zara (leather cut & sewn top)
Bottom: American Apparel (high waist wide leg pants)

Lately I've been feeling like I am accomplishing more and I am forcing myself into spaces I used to think I couldn't belong to. They key is to stop thinking you can't achieve something just because of your circumstances and think:

 "I can do this precisely because my circumstances bring something new to this space, I bring another perspective and I'll own my strengths and refine my weaknesses."

- Sincerely Fay,

Alexus Fay Poetry | The Foundation Has Been Laid

Jun 4, 2016

Hey Luvs,

 I have been absent (again for the millionth time) because I have been working on something major! I, along with my sistah's, have started creating a platform exclusively for people of color in creative spaces, super excited to begin taking the steps to live out my dreams while helping others in the process. I can't really reveal much about it since its still in Phase 1, but all I can say is stay tuned!

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