Just Get In Your Car and Take A Trip

Jul 15, 2016

Hey Luvs,
I'm back! This post stems from a dialogue I've been constantly having with co-workers and friends. Lately, I've been urging to just get up and travel somewhere new. So some advice for those feeling stuck: 
Just take a spontaneous road-trip with a few people and enjoy a change of scenery. 

I was thinking that since I live in LA, a very fast paced city, I would go somewhere more chill. Having an adventure in the Bay Area would be nice! It's still has the vibrant energy of the city but the kind of slow -paced cool that isn't like hectic LA. 

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Of course there has to be some sort of planning involved; food and snacks, a place to kickback and a camera (to capture all those unanticipated moments). You'll also may consider renting a car out, we all know how stressful that can get. 

I'll suggest something a bit more nontraditional, but will make your next adventure a lot easier. Turo, a site that comes in handy when looking for good low rates for renting out cars. As a peer-to-peer car rental company, you can both list your car and rent someone else's car on Turo!

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 Once you got the basics down you'll be good to go, but wait the most important thing on any trip is music. My playlist would range over multiple genre's but to narrow it down my top 5 songs would be:
* Drake ft Jhene Aiko - From Time
*Jhene Aiko- Pretty Bird
*Sia ft Sean Paul- Cheap Thrills
*Alina Baraz ft Galimatias- Make You Feel
* Honne- Loves The Jobs You Hate
Some of the renters at Turo leave CDs or a custom playlist for their rentee to use as they explore a new city (who wouldn't want to listen to awesome songs), you might even find a song or two to add to your own playlist.  

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The only thing left to do now is get in your ride and enjoy the drive. Your mini vacation has just started! I hope you enjoyed this post and found it informative yet inspiring.

If you can create a trip playlist what would be your top 5 songs that have to be included no matter what? I'm curious as to what your playlist would sound like, and let me know where you are going for your next trip! 

- Sincerely Fay,

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