My Updated Skin Care Routine/ Guide

Aug 10, 2016

 Hi Luvs,
Recently I've been scouring the internet to try to find a way to update my skin care routine. And of course who else do the world look to when it comes to skin care, Asia of course! Have you ever heard of a 10 step beauty routine? Neither have I but when I researched it, I could not believe the steps Asian women do every night and sometimes even morning too. But hey if my skin could glow and look that good everyday I wouldn't mind. 

However, lets be realistic and frank, I just don't have the time or the money to invest into that type of routine. As a black young woman on a journey for natural healthy hair, skin, and spirituality (am I doing too much here lol) there are things that innately exclusive to me and my culture. What I am trying to say - is that not everything for one group of people will work for another (different set of genetics, thus different set of results). So that is why I titled the post Black Skin Edition, and even then I do realize that results will vary even among black people.

I remember growing up and hearing about how if a black woman didn't have Aloe Vera, Witch Hazel, and African Black Soap then she wasn't doing it right. I grew up with all of those things included in my care in some form or another. But as I grew up, I begin to stray away from those old school remedies and buy into the hype, but not anymore!

I've taken the initiative to stop using overpriced (is it affordable), over-hyped (is it effective), and harmful (is it natural) products. I've created what I like to call the "OOH" system to help me keep the right things in my beauty cabinet and on my skin. So luvs (calling out the product junkies), it's time to edit and throwaway those bottles. Here's my version of the 10 Step Asian Skin Care Routine - including items we all know in some form or another and some "new new" - you might haven't even given a second glance.


1. Cleanse

I mean duh, we have to clean our skin in order to get rid of the makeup, sweat, dirt etc.

2. Exfoliate (2x a week)

This step you won't have to do every night, yassss! But I recommend 2x of the week at least if you don't really have problem skin and more if you do have problem skin. Rub off all that dead skin sitting on top of your face.

3. Toner

Next is a toner, aka the foundation. Now that your skin has been cleansed and everything removed, you'll want to not only replace the natural oils that's been removed  but also prep the face for the intake of all the nutrients it will receive.
Witch Hazel

Bee Lux Rose Water Toner

4. Essence/Serum

The key to making this process work really well is the "build up." After toning your face is well prepped and your pores tightened, so a face serum becomes the base. As such, I recommend a few drops that you can work into your face. 
You DO NOT want to pack this onto your face!
Be light and PAT onto your face as you are going to be putting more moisture as you go through your routine.
Amethyst Facial Oil
Amethyst Facial Oil

5. Sheet/Face Mask (2x a week)

Use this twice a week, or everyday like me (you'll get addicted). This is the pampering stage,
put on a moisturizing mask for 15-20min max. The point of the mask (whether it is homemade or a sheet one) is to add moisture for your face to soak up. 
Once you take off the mask, PAT the remaining moisture into your face. 

If you're using a homemade mask - if you have to rinse it off make sure the water is on the colder side or lukewarm so that you aren't completely washing away the moisture you just put into your face.

If you're using a sheet mask - DO NOT leave on till it's completely dry or the sheet will start taking the moisture on your face and reabsorb it. Never leave on a sheet mask till it dries!
Sheet Masks

DIY Face Masks

6. Moisturizer

The last step, is to moisturize. Now I know you're probably like - "ain't that what we've been doing all this time?" My answer is yes and no. This step is the final one, the moisturizer acts as the seal. So of course it will be thicker in nature (if that's what you would like). 

If  using a thick moisturizer I don't use too much as I don't really need a lot by the time you get to this point in your routine.


This should be the key to health in general, staying hydrated not only helps your skin - but your body, hair, and just overall health.

Let me know what you've though of this routine. By the way I've included products that you can shop that are black owned. Because I #supportblackbuisnesses !

- Sincerely Fay,

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