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Sep 14, 2016

 Hello Luvs,
I thought about dropping in and updating yall on where I've been as of late.
If you're new to this space get a cup of tea or some lemonade to sip on and if you been on my blog before, well you know the deal, lol.

Over the course of the summer I've interned at a PR Fashion House, under went self growth, gained invaluable experience in both my passions & personal relationships and finally put the groundwork down for COCA. All of which has their own posts coming soon. 

In all the hustle n bustle that the summer brings, I found it really hard to just go out with friends. Especially now that we are no longer living together (will address in a LTS post), we hardly have time to just do our typical coven duties. But once in a while we find ourselves planning really sudden, much needed girl trips (there is no such thing as a schedule with us) and end up in places with good vibes and pleasing aesthetics.

Recently, KP and I went brunching and if you're visiting LA or live close you should definitely check out where we went.



- Sincerely Fay,
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