Tricky Hair Eyelash First Impression + Tips on Creating the Perfect October Makeup Look

Oct 31, 2016

 Hi Luvs!
It's been a minute but lets get into this. Recently, I was blessed enough to receive a pair of lashes to try from Tricky Hair Extensions! I'm actually really excited to try these out soon!

How I Store My Beauty Products || DIY Makeup Storage Tips

Oct 14, 2016

Hey Luvs, have you ever got to the point where you just have your makeup in a bin, a drawer or other unorganized places, leaving a mess. Well me too! So I made this post to show a few ideas on how to glam up and/or create a space for your ever growing makeup collection.

TONAL : Part I. Green

Oct 5, 2016

Hey Luvs! Recently I shot a very simple yet sporty look with Mar (amazing babe apart of the W .W .E coven) .  I'm getting hella 90s vibes! I was going to do a more high fashion look with these (I still will - look coming soon), but I decided to do a more street styling with these culottes. I'm so happy with the shots we managed to get.

Quick Insert : We drove to LA to shoot but traffic had us stuck. By the time we managed to shoot we had literally 15 minutes before the sun went down. So, we can officially call these dusk shots and I'm actually really happy how these came out!

Ensemble ~
Bottoms - Uniqlo
Choker - forever21

 "True fashion pieces will be accessible for all. High price tags is a form of elitism."

- Sincerely Fay,
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