How I Store My Beauty Products || DIY Makeup Storage Tips

Oct 14, 2016

Hey Luvs, have you ever got to the point where you just have your makeup in a bin, a drawer or other unorganized places, leaving a mess. Well me too! So I made this post to show a few ideas on how to glam up and/or create a space for your ever growing makeup collection.


Acrylic Storage Case

Rotating Lipstick Tower

Face + Eye Tings

Acrylic Stand or Tray

Putting bigger makeup items in drawers and cabinets also free up room and unclutters vanity.



My Everyday To-Go To Makeup Storage

 I tend to keep a small area where I keep all my "to go to" makeup. This is the place where I keep my staples. It is also a area where I swamp out the makeup I use so that I'm using all the makeup I buy. Because sometimes we just tend to forget we have a $30 lipstick in our stash! 

I recommend that  everyone have a small separate area for their "to go to makeup", it saves us time on figuring out which products to use, it dosen't have to be a super elaborate system.Just a small acrylic storage case, like the one in my room below!

The idea for this article came from MakeSpace and their Store Your Stash project. If you're in need of storing your vanity and/or other items you no longer have room for, make sure to check them out guys! Also see what areas they serve here.

- Sincerely Fay,

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