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Sep 6, 2011

    So hey it's me again, before I go to bed I want to say something. I recently found out something truly horrible my friend told me about a teen who committed suicide because of their sexual orientation. Now for all God fearing people, when you judge (which u are not supposed to do)-do you take into consideration that the person have feelings. Or do you simply want to vent, or are you mad at the time, or do you think you are being just by being God, or do you simply feel that you need to make someone else feel bad to boost up your self-esteem, or do you want to fit in with people who think that way. Well to hell with all of that!!! Hello if you haven't notice many Pope's have been molesting kids, many Adults who are homosexual/bisexual teach their children it's okay to be who they want to be, many teens nowadays are bisexual, many senators are homosexual, many teachers are gay. Do you hide and judge them to, they are everywhere in the world!!! It's time to wake up, stop hurting others because you don't necessarily agree with their sexuality. No I am not homosexual or bisexual, but I have friends who are and they are good people, they encourage me to be brave, be safe, have fun, enjoy life, and best of all respect myself because not many people will. I don't know about you but those are the type of friends I would want no matter what their sexual orientation is. I love gay people just like I love straight people. We can all get along if we choose to do so. What pisses me off is there will always be somebody who will hurt homosexuals or bi-sexuals because they are afraid to A) come out the closet themselves B) get to know someone different C)accept that not everyone's the same. I hate to read about some teen hanging, overdosing, or bullied influenced by the people around them-the people who judge them. All I am saying is be a little more accepting, you may not like it, you don't have to, but be aware that gays are humans just like you.

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