Not So Nervous Breakdown

Sep 8, 2011

     Hello marvelous people it is I....again. All my classes are apparently really cool. Except of course English (which happens to be a favorite subject), I have the same teacher from last year teaching a new subject. To top it off he gave us homework because he got mad at the class for not paying attention (fallin asleep) to his long, boring, slow lecture (kept repeating himself). Now my Trig class seem like it will be the trickiest class because the teacher, whose name I refuse to speak, is an arrogant, abnoxious, know it all. Journalism is the funnest class yet. I will enjoy writing in the school newspaper it brings me great happiness to dish on people/teachers/students without them knowing. However, prom date canidates for this school year is highly unlikely at my school. The boys either arrogant, abnoxiuos, too pretty, self-absorbed, completley ugly...not my types. So I guess I'll have to my soul searching else where.

                                                                 Wish me Luck!!
                                                                 -Sincerely Fay(Hopeful)
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