To the Beggining of a New School Year-Teens Beware

Sep 6, 2011

The scary thing about going back to school in high school is the fact that it is Senior year. This is the year I dreamed of all my school life and yet now that it is here I have mixed feelings about it. For instance, I feel anxious and excited, yet I don't feel hyped- I feel a little nervous but I'm not worried. I feel like I OWN my school, yet I own no one...(yet). But that's not it, the one thing= no matter who say they don't care =that everyone worry about is PROM!!! I mean it's barely the begginning of the school year but yet I feel like it's not that far away...Am I ready to be a senior, Am I ready to grow up yet??!!
I feel so lost...but not to worry if I can't promise you anything else I promise that this blog will be full of adventures exploring High School, LET ME TELL YOU THIS: BEING A TEEN IN THIS DECADE IS CRAZIER THAN IT MAY SEEM!!!
                                                                                        -Sincerely Fay (happy)
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