Children Hood

Dec 17, 2012

Its funny how this is supposed to be the happiest time of the year,
But yet,
So many terrible things are happening.
How do you explain that to three year old children.
How do explain to them that this year maybe Santa won't be making a stop at their home.
Or that maybe the house they came to know so well is in jeopardy of being took from them.
Or that their parents are struggling so bad that every pay check is spent on a ever rising bill/rent.
How do you tell them that many children just like them have lost their life in school, when they are to attend in a year or two.
How do you tell them that is one of many bad parts of life and that it always get better.
You got to grow up and experience the hardships to realize where you got to go in life.
But I will strive  to make this the best Christmas they have, to lighten the load.
The world shouldn't have to be a scary place for them, they don't need to know the horrors of it, not yet.
Childhoods are precious, they give us light in the darkest of times.
Lets not tarnish these memories...
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