The Sad Part Is...

Mar 24, 2013


      Weekends are not really as long as they should be. I mean I detest Mondays and welcome Fridays with open arms. But then again I literally sit around and do nothing with my weekends but sleep. 
Sleep is important right??? The struggle! 

Anyways I have come to report that I have accomplished amazing feats, nah I'm just blessed. I have decided to start my youtube channel and there is a definite developments coming along. I will become vocal peeps!!! But for those of you who would like to keep tabs on me *wink*, I would leave links to my twiiter, tumblr, and instagram below.

So here we go, earlier this week many amazing things have happened to me:

*attended an Academic Gala because of my GPA
*attended a poetry slam on campus of my college (didn't knew it existed), got inspired to speak 
*got an invitation to be apart of a honor society, GO ME!!!
*hand cramps from all the academic and non-academic writing
*I have a new found direction and I am willing to take it


Sincerely Fay,
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