Sep 5, 2013

Hello Luvs,

This is a continuation post from the previous one. Hoorah! Okay lets get down to business, this how I styled my dorm. The beginning phases, I still plan to add on later.

                                                       Desk area....where I live!!!

                                                       Sorry about the messy bed...

              Had to get the string lights....but I might switch them out for a more wooden style

                Okay so that big patch of white is going to be filled soon with dream catcher(s)...

   So guys what you think? Yikes, I almost forgot!! For those who have emailed me with some questions, I will be getting around to answering them in a video coming soon! Also, I am sharing a dorm with three other girls, two per room. We have our own kitchen and bathroom facilities. Our apartment is really spacious, even thought you might can't tell from the pics. No communal bathrooms!!! Yay!!! STAY TUNED!!!

Sincerely Fay,

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