Ode to the Fall: Survival Tips

Nov 14, 2013

Hi soul-children,


We all know what that must mean, crazy cool fashion, amateur photography, beats and vibes, awesome novels and warm beverages. All the thing needed to take us places, and make us feel some type of way. I'm going to share my "to go to" things for fall.

                   Music playlist
We all need that one playlist that's filled with awesome music that can be played in any setting. Let's face it, music distracts from the reality of things and is a great stress reliever. Think about it, have you ever went a day without music? What did it feel like?

Okay, so we already have the medium to escape from reality, but now we need a place. Novels are an excellent outlet! Do you have your list? I sure do, check it out. I'm still in the process of adding a few more.



                   Tea & Drinks
Ah, I'm in love with the sweet aroma of my favorite cinnamon spice tea. Or what about the delicious taste of warm strawberry milk, yumm! It's holiday season and we all know that all the delicious tea and drinks are at the market. What are you waiting for?


I'm revamping my wardrobe as we speak! Fall is probably my favorite season, okay it is my favorite season! Why? Because what other season can you pull off summer/winter looks in one outfit? Dark lip color, amazing hair, booties, combat boots, coats, cardigans, stockings, scarves of all shapes and sizes, beanies, harem pants, hoodies, vests, dresses, skirts, shoes....
Need I continue?

Tell me what are you fall favs? 
Stay tuned, Making Prt 2- Beauty Care
Sincerely Fay,

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