April Madness

Apr 23, 2014

Hello Luvs,

Okay so far April has been a pretty eventful and stressful month. It's spring! I am moving! College mid-terms with finals right around the corner, what is this life of a student!!! Let me give you some handy tips on how to make it through April!

Relax and Chill

For me, nothing is better than feeling at peace, comfortable, and calm. Especially, during the times of the year when things get really hectic. Here are my favorite ways to unwind.

--> Aromatherapy... I am a candle hoarder, collector, and lover of amazing smells.
--> Environment... find a place where you feel comfortable, for me it's my bedroom or the garden.

--> Meditate...stop what you're are doing and sit, breathe in and out until you feel at ease.   

--> Music... nothing beats tuning out the world and vibing with an amazing playlist.

Dress to Unstress

When you dress good, you feel good. I know for a fact that putting on an amazing outfit does wonders for my confidence and instantly improves my mood. Since it's spring I would love to share some amazing outfits with you guys. 

--> Print and Earthy Colors + Essentials
"Ethnic" by child-of-the-tropics ❤ liked on Polyvore 

--> Touch of Leather
Earth tones
--> "Refined Casual" Look

30 Classic Work Outfit Ideas- REALLY REALLY REALLY need to find a relaxed button-up shirt

--> Comfy Chic
Casual Tuesday. #ootd #stillfeltlikemonday - @Lisa Phillips-Barton Punderson Case- #webstagram 
Sincerely Fay,

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