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Feb 1, 2017


1. Long Live The Angels || Emelie Sande  


2. To Pimp A Butterfly || Kendrick Lamar


 3. Flat Wallet


4. Little Book of Spirituality


 5. 008 || LAIT DE COCO

Hi Luvs,
Recently I went to Urban Outfitters to pick up a few items, they were having a sale and I copped a few things I needed and wanted. As the summer nears I wanted to add a few pieces to my lifestyle to prep for the season change. I mainly was in search of a new summer scent. I ended up leaving the store with 3! As summer approaches here are a few tips to prep and refresh!

Tip #1 | Change Up Your Scent 

I'm a strong believer in changing your scent with the season's. WHY? 
  •  fall/winter scents are heavier which works because its colder and your body isn't working up a sweat like it will be with spring/ summer; so you would want a lighter and/or fresher scent as it heats up
  • your nose becomes desensitized to the same smell, so if you wear the same perfume back to back you will no longer begin to recognize the scent on yourself (though others may) but, the point is you want to smell that goodness too -  when we smell pleasant things we feel better (simple science)  IT'S OKAY TO GIVE YOUR SIGNATURE SCENT A REST!

 Tip #2 | Take Time to Get Focused

It's the beginning of the year, now is the time to collect yourself and move forward with a plan.
  • so last year was last year - take time to yourself  and relax, this is the time to really evaluate what you're trying to achieve and do
  • also step away from your hectic daily routine and just meditate or read a book, honestly we all need a pick me up - invest in a self help/positive books that will give you a peace of mind, determination and just overall make you feel good
  • these small things when incorporated often really improves your lifestyle

- Sincerely Fay,
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